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Are You In an
Unhealthy Relationship?
Factors that contribute to
Unhealthy Relationships
  • Control and dominance are the
    key issues
  • One or both partners were
    emotionally and/or physically
    abused or neglected as children
  • Abusers typically witnessed
    abuse perpetrated by a role model
  • Both partners were not exposed
    to positive healthy relationships
    while growing up
  • Both partners do not have healthy
    role models for sharing affection,
    managing conflict, or being
    respectful of one's partner
* information provided by Iona College
Extent of the Problem
  • The U.S. Surgeon General ranks
    abuse by husbands and partners
    as the leading cause of injuries to
    women ages 15 to 44
  • Statistics show one in four
    American women will be
    assaulted by a partner or ex-
    partner in her lifetime, regardless
    of race, ethnicity, socio-economic
    status or profession
  • 2 million women are battered
    every year, one every 16 seconds
  • People in unhealthy relationships
    suffer constant stress and
    anxiety, which compromises their
    health, erodes their self-esteem
Domestic Abuse Resources
Still need direction? We have a Domestic
Violence Liaison
ready to help you.  You
don't have to feel alone. Contact us today
(302) 943-4472 and leave a confidential
Help us build The Center For Women's Empowerment!
"“...the God of heaven will make us prosper, and we his servants will arise and build..." ~Nehemiah 2:19
The Center for Women's Empowerment will be a
transitional housing facility in Kent County, Delaware for
single mothers and their children.
*photo courtesy of Google Images. Not an actual image of CFWE*
The mission of the Center for Women’s Empowerment is to end cycles of chronic homelessness among single mothers by providing career development, life skills, and educational opportunities
that will lead them to total self-sufficiency & permanent housing.
  • According to the University of Delaware’s Center for
    Community Research & Service (Homeless Planning
    Council of DE), the greatest concentration of shelter
    programs is in Wilmington DE (New Castle County)
  • An estimated 88% of homeless households with
    children are headed by single females. 36% have very
    young children
  • Turn over rates in emergency shelters are higher than
    they are in transitional housing programs

Source: Homelessness in Delaware: Twenty Years of Data Collection & Research (2007)
The Need:
Ongoing Events:

Rebuilding Your Life After
Divorce Monthly
Empowerment Groups:
2nd Friday of each month,
Dover, DE
Contact Yoruba
4th Friday of Each month,
Salisbury, MD
Contact Lisa 443.365.9334
TBA, Lyssons St. Thomas
Contact Sophia 3973846, or
Cecile 4709962

This scholarship will be awarded to single mothers currently
pursuing or endeavoring to pursue  post-secondary education in
the areas of: Healthcare, Business, Human Services, and
Religious Studies

For more information or to donate contact us at 302-465-6343.
Empowered Women
Ministries, Inc. would like to
thank the Women's Fund of
the Community Foundation
for funding the Quinetta
Brundge Legacy of Giving
Scholarship Fund this year!
The 2016 Award Ceremony Committee would
like to thank our sponsors, contributors,
guests, and friends for another successful
Award Ceremony:

The 2016 Empowered Women of the Year pictured with Elite Honorees from years 2011-2015.
Front row: Ebony Canion (2016) Rita A. Bell (2016), Second Row: Samira Williams (2016)
Monet Camper (2016),
Back Row: Dale Broome (2016) Danielle Vanriel (2015) Natalia Smith
(2011) Tiffany Harris  (2015) Yoruba Jones (2012) Crystal Harris-Harmon (2012) & Natasha Simms
(2016). Proceeds from this event benefit EWM programs.

Thank you for your giving!!!
The mission of Empowered
Women Ministries is to help
single women break cycles of
unhealthy relationships, lead
emotionally healthy lifestyles,
and live their  purpose.
On behalf of all of us at Empowered Women Ministries USA and our international chapter in Jamaica, we would like to sincerely thank you for helping us raise the funds needed to make this
important mission trip to Kellit's High School in Clarendon to present much needed empowerment workshops to teen girls in crisis there.

Because of you, we educated & empowered nearly 300 teen *girls ages 12-17 in Clarendon, Jamaica!!!

Bottom Photo: EWM USA and EWM Jamaica (Under the Umbrella of Deborah NOW Ministries)
L-R Chloe (Jamaica), Debrah Bryant (USA), Colleen (Jamaica), Shacre (USA), Alishia
(Founder of EWM USA), Susan (Founder Deborah NOW & Leader of EWM Jamaica, Danielle
(USA), Benita (Jamaica)
Above: Debrah Bryant of EWM USA presents
personal care donations collected to nursing staff of
Kellits High School

Left: Shacre Bennett of EWM USA, Debrah Bryant,
Alishia Potter, Faith Byfield (Guidance Counselor
w/Kellits H.S) & Ms. McKay (Teacher) Kellits H.S.
  • How self-esteem is about loving themselves, not people loving you
  • The difference between a healthy relationship vs an unhealthy relationship
  • Obtaining success despite unplanned pregnancy
  • Life after sexual abuse & trauma (a lesson of hope)
  • The importance of working to earn your own money
  • Working provides a sense of pride, achievement, & accomplishment
  • Steps to applying for a job & how to do a 30-second commercial
  • How to use their God-given gifts and talents to start a business, and...
  • Identifying their purpose and finding their passion
  • All of the girls were engaged, eager to learn, and motivated to start taking action on their goals and dreams NOW!

But 75% of them, however, will go home to very dark and dyer circumstances, such as sexual exploitation, family sexual abuse, poverty, and little money to stay in
school. You can partner with us to continue our efforts to provide a way for these girls to break cycles of poverty and hopelessness and live their dreams.

Your donation will help us continue to send practical aid such as personal care products, clothing and shoes to the girls, as well as support our Single Sisters
Empowered 2 LIVE! Teen program that we seek to implement, enabling us to continue our educational workshops and ongoing programs.
Here's what they learned:
*EWM did not have
permission to
photograph the students
due to confidentiality
policies of KHS